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While We Here Lyrics

from From the Bottom 2 the Top

"While We Here" is track #3 on the album From the Bottom 2 the Top.
"While We Here" is track #3 on the album From the Bottom 2 the Top.

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Chorus x 2
While we here lets celebrate
dont do tomorrow what you could do today
tell somebody you love'em nigga
tell somebody you love'em nigga (yea, yea)

It was a long hard struggle
my life been a battlefield, but i keep fightin
givin all that i got ta give, real is the only way that i try to live
get mines like the next man gets his
a closed mouth never got fed
thats why im spittin now daddy, do it for the bread
i do it for the love, i do it for the ??
matter fact i really do it for all the above
im mild mannered but im hype on my records
i try to separate real life from the records
most of the stuff that i rap about be facts
but dont mean that i still live like that
a lot of paths, i no longer have to walk up out em
im blessed to be a rapper, i get paid to talk about em
i aint got to keep a strap in my lap now
thank god i can make it with this rap now

Chorus x 2

Summertime 1985, granmomma, grandaddy they were still alive
me and my cousins playin the the yard
before a young nigga knew that life got hard
years went by, now we in the streets
they was in the trap and i was rappin over beats
jermaine, but everybody called him maine
on my birthday he got murdered and slain
???? now he the subject of my sad song
i miss him, we cant never bring him back
i wish he woulda asked me for them couple stacks damn
his momma look so hurt
when she had to put her son body in tha dirt
and i cried, i hope you listen to the words i speak
if one person get the picture thats good for me

Chorus x 2

im not tryin to steal ya money
im not tryin to take ya woman
im just tryin to feed my family and take care of my momma
im a slave ever since they broke these chains i been runnin
everything came to me was a long time comin
im an OG man, i just look this way
ill do somethin to ya, i just look this way
i aint got enough face for my tear drop trails
too many homies locked up to help em make bail
so i try to send em pictures, holla on tha phone
try to keep em motivated til they make it home
sometimes i feel like im locked up and im free
sometimes i feel like its overwhelming being me
but i snap back and realize im built for this life
everything you take from me imma get back twice
no problems and no failures, imma pro
cuz the solutions for succeeding is all that i know

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