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Smashing Pumpkins
White Spider Lyrics

Wander slow and your kisses chase
What must I do, if only for your warm embrace
If only for your warm embrace
For all they take, must you complicate

And every little spider that crawled up inside her
Is waiting for my phone call
And now I remind her of every single liar
Living for the killing stall

White spider
Where will you crawl?
White spider

The endless paths began to scan
I don't understand you
I am, I am, know who I am
I'm sorry you had to, white spider

You gotta get away to try to stay awake
You've gotta fix your gaze
So you're not afraid
You've gotta bide your time

Before you want science
You've gotta play the part
Before you fall apart

You've gotta walk through hell
Scream, you're not around
You've gotta strip your skin
You let them tear at it

I'm gonna take a piece
For my own release
I'm gonna shift to speak
Fuck the enemy

I'm gonna chomp my teeth
Climb on out of me
I'm going on around
Without a sully sound

Wander slow, white spider
How did you know, yes?
If only which way to go
My white spider

'Cause now I'm reminded of every single fighter
That's waiting for just what she brings
And every little spider that crawled up inside her
Who's waiting for the phone to ring

My white spider
Which way'd you walk?
My white spider
Isn't all

I made this up to make the scene
Beyond belief
I'm back on top, just a cock
Out of your cream

I am the end
I shall not remain
Prying plaintiff
The end we skim

I cannot pretend
Each who collapse, yeah

My white spider
How will you crawl?
My white spider
Will it on?
White spider

William Patrick Corgan

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