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Why Can't We Lyrics

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[Intro: Mase]
Jay said it, Drake said it
Don't get mad now cause Mase say it
Come to find out I'm Ye favorite
AP's up to all the naysayers
Come on, I said come on

Why can't we go back
Why can't we go back
To the way we used to be, girl
Why can't we go back
Back when we only had each other
[?] and lust forever
Why can't we go back
So the world things that you'll let me through
We found our things that we never knew
Why can't we go back

[Verse 1: Mase]
Go, go
Go, go
I wanna be your first spouse, break your first couch
Pop your first blouse, buy your first house
If this don't work out I'm the first out
Bring the Merce out and still get cursed out
Mase be the nigga that bring your worst out
Take you out for dinner, you bring your purse out
This is easy money, this easy work
You know I like my girls in bikini and fur
Don't take it off fast, tease me first
You rub me like a genie you'll see me work
On an one night stand, I'll feed you first
So when you hit your friends I'll lead you first
I'll leave the Earth
I'd tell you you the best, but you believe the worst
I break your heart, but I don't leave you hurt
See, he's a jerk, trips the rain dealer
That's your painkiller, come on


[Verse 2: Mase]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Come on
I need a girl athletic body, hottie, mami that says
I will be our main [?] fiend even got it
He the type of nigga here go and get it for his goddess
If that's true you know you'll be living just like a queen
You know how I do the thing when I'm rolling through the scene
TMZ them niggas when I'm rolling in the [?]
Left fan European whipping through the Chi like I'm cuckoo
Got too many friends getting back to the two-do'
All eyes on me like I'm ready to die
Life after death, but what I'm 'bout to do though
They thought they had me trapped, but I found a loophole
I look around and I ask where my crew go
Spanish niggas singing [?]
Two hundred Benz and that's two shows
I said that's two shows


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