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With You Lyrics

from On Trial

"With You" is track #15 on the album On Trial.
"With You" is track #15 on the album On Trial.

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this is not the yike talkin rite now ,
this is plies talkin rite now .

( chorus )
baby I fucks with you and all the lil things yu do ,
you keep it so true ,
thats why i fucks with you cause
you aint worried bout the fame,or the name or the bling
thats why im calling you badd m-mutha fucker,
cause cant nan other bitch out there touch you,
and you start dancing when i walk in usher,
aint scared to say the *** naw i fucks with you
I ran down on her she was down so i cuffed her,
cute lil baby, plus she got good but,
fucked up bout her like foreal doe bra,
higein A1 so on smell nothing,she bout that life thats why i deal with her,
ask me to come through i dont even buck,
she can be sleep when i call she pop rite up,
and nobody rock them boy shorts like her,
them lil cheeks be hangin i be lookin at her stuff,
she aint gotta ask for bread cause i fucks with her tough
im home abd i call she come through in a clutch,
i fuck with her the long way doe,like straight up

( chorus )

if i was broke rught now i think she'll let me hold something,
feel like she for me so i include her in stunting,
mama bill shoot behind i shoot her a lil something,
answer my phone in front ha she dont say nothing,
get to talkin to long she look at me funny,
she know it aint nothing the boy gettin to the money
when i wanna tease her a lil bit i just call her country,
when i wanna see her smile doe i just tell her she buggin,
chill when she need to snap when she have to,
one thing about it she do her thing with them hair dos
i told her she been gettin thick since i been cuttin her,
she told me no i aint i get it from my mama

( chorus )

how i feel biut her she deserve a nigga like me,
she fall i got her umma put her back on her feet,
aint tryna change her and she aint tryna change me,
shit just got real,she asked me do i want a key,
i wanted to tell her yea but i just kept it g,
thats why i fucks with you,cause you fucks with me,
i can be on the road,and she can be outta town,
and i aint got to sweat her cause she gone hold me down
weather she do or dont she act like she care,
even when i aint around she act like im there,
i aint one of them dudes who gone tell you what to wear,
flunt it all you want to i aint insecure
( chorus )

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