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Withered Lyrics

from Opaque Brotherhood

"Withered" is track #8 on the album Opaque Brotherhood.
"Withered" is track #8 on the album Opaque Brotherhood.

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[Violent j]
Like a fuckin fantastic solar eclipse or comets passing
The lotus is in bloom stopping time never ever lasting
Like a velvet red sunset a cloud formation it takes away your breath
Your frozen in the moment till nothings left much like a northern light show
Tornadoes ripping through a vacant land
There's a lotus in the sand
Pluck it, hold it in your hand
Lotus is forever and when it whilts away its eternal root are deep (deep) forever here to stay

I'm all alone again no one to talk to
Nobody wanna be the friend that i want to
I thought you could come through and help but instead you just left me to wither in hell
Now how can i tell the rest that I'm leaving and the cause of death is the season
I change up and i wither away resurrect in the moon when the sun turns grey
When i watch em all turn away there's not a thing i can do except watch it all change
I can listen to the trees speak to the wheat leaves as they fall like soldiers in war
As they form a pile right in from of my eyes
All praise to god for these other four

[Chorus x2]
We rejuvenate we again resurrect
We revitalize and we keep coming back
And they say where did it go to?
(where did it go)
And they say where did it go to?
(where did it go)

Once again its last curtain call no need to fight it (no need to fight it)
The scripture of the brother hood opaque have all been recited
My pollination will float through the air and keep carrying on (carrying on)
The moon shines this light on us for that i thank god
Now we out with an unquenchable bottomless thist
We goin out in a blaze of glory so call up the hurse
You can pick off all the leafs but yet the roots still remain again with so much to gain flourishing in the black rain

This is the end of all things,
Reign of all kings
Sun burnt out from within the winter wind
Loss of the sun and the time that it brings
Years pass out without any meaning
Most stay sheltered and hide out from the cold
Lyrics frozen to the ground as the wind blows
Lotus wilts away and it regrows
Those who we chose adhere to the cold
Could never be told and never be sold
Tales of the history lies of the old
We will never be lost and never be gone
Written in the stones of the never-after mold
Our existence is withering to regenerate, reincarnate, its only fate they cant hate
But rejoice with the voice of the new world we decide to create...
Dark Lotus.

Time waits for nobodyalways ticking, moving on [x2]
Dark Lotus
Where did it go to?
Where did it go?
And they say,
Where did it go to?
Where did it go?
Dark Lotus
Time waits for nobodyalways ticking, moving on [x2]
Dark Lotus
Where did it go to?
Where did it go?
And they say,
Where did it go to?
Where did it go?

Everything they live, then they die, who am I
Just anotha muthafucka has or not,
How did it slip by so quickly?
Lotus is in the Water, so many to chose
And He decided to pick me?
Im amazed as Im withered and I spend my last days
Once was in bloom, my petals faded away
One by one, try ta get em to stay
Till the outcome became deflowered and decayed
Now I need to regenerate, everything to die
Fittin to live every second in life, its like a gift
Imma take it in the present and spend it the right way
Imma put it to a song they gon sing and play
And when they hear it, hopefully they spiritll listen
And they wont spend all of they life just wishin
Stop, and restartforgive, never forget
And never live any life buried in regret

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