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Work Hard, Play Hard Lyrics

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Can somebody
Cut me some slack??
I've been working day and night,
Breaking my back.

Monday to Friday
Runnin' late nights
Call me work-a-holic
'Cause baby I am on it...

[Chorus 1]:
I own this sh*t all week
This beat's for all my freaks
We're runnin' on no sleep
So line the shots up because
This party's jumpin'
We turn the volume up and
Don't stop 'till you get enough
G-g-g-g-get enough

[Chorus 2]:
To lose my mind
'Cause I work damn hard
So I play damn hard

In the night
'Cause I work damn hard
So I play damn hard

I Work Damn Hard
I Play Damn Hard

Mah killa, No killa
Such a hippie, no,
You rock like a rythem
You can raise the dead
Like Michael Jackson Thriller
Don't step near me now
because it gets no iller

Call me abollic
'Cause baby I am on it...
Drinkin' Gin and Tonic
I know that you want this

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]
[Chorus 2]

I work on seven days
And pullin' 24 hours a day
And I don't have no regrets
For how hard I play

[Chorus 2]
(Said it's time you loose your mind)
(Said I'm lost in the night)

[Chorus 2]
(Said I'm lost in the night)
(So you're lost in the night)
'Cause I work damn hard
So I play damn hard x4

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