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Work Wid It Lyrics

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Well I and I see di gal dem well well waan fi condemn!
Yu dun know if dem have a problem Sean-a Paul will
solve dem!...HOW YOU MEAN!
Du..Du..Du..Du..Dutty Yow Well!

Because a...
Dutty rock nonstop!
Wi nah go flop and all di gal a follow back well! X 2

So from a gal a tell yu sey she waan work wid it,
splurt wid it!
Man a no punk man a go flirt wid it!
Man haffi carry dat back a yard and flip skirt wid it,
hurtin it!
Unnu check di Dutty Cup dem logic!

>From a gal a tell yu sey she waan work wid it, splurt
wid it!
And no bother try flirt wid it!
Unnu fi carry dat back a yard and flip skirt wid it,
hurtin it!
Unnu fi check di Dutty Cup dem logic!

Well di gal dem waan yu gi dem when dem underneath fi
dem Alize!
Just another day get wid dem!
If another man see dem and the fruit no forbidden!
Him wi check it and take it and lay di track pan di
Well believe that man a no punk, no idiot!
Gal haffi reach dem climax if yu no get them intact!
Yow, we grieve that yu never achieve that!
And yu gal wi end up run up inna Dutty Cup slap!


Unnu dun concrete up and grill!
Rubbers intact still
Inna di pack and yu a chill and a relax, draw NIL!
Di space nah go fill!
So she waan go Negril!
Wid di Dutty Cup yute fi a chill!
She prefer a lover, a Dutty Cup topshotta!
>From yu neva give pleasure she haffi run fi di
Sean-a Paul a tell all a di yutes dem be clever!
Else yu gonna lose yu girl to another Dutty nigger!


Well I see nuff man inna di place!
Waan take you gal and dem a whisper inna dem ears!
Stand up and watch and a move roun' dem ways!
Shoulda take di stuckie back out to yu place!
You fall and so lose di race!
And mi see it pan yu face!
Hand inna yu pocket and a look up inna space!
Feel like di treble a play without bass!
Come in like yu cassette inna di deck a get erase!
Because yu just get disgrace!




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