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We wrote this song because the unborn babies,
and the starving children cant !
Don't you think its time, we lend a hand ,
and help gods children when we can.
because there's so many crying.
, and there's too many dying.

Now there's too many dying, before thay can start living
and there's so many taking, when we should be giving.

So many wrongs , in this world today.
if we don't change - ---we're all gonna pay.
tell me what is the an-swer-- doesn't anybody know.?
intro 1234
there's all kinds people say thay wanna go to heaven,
while they keep holding on , to their devilesh ways.
and too many preaching,--- giving out all directions,
while their own path- seems to be- like a cloudy maze.

I've heard it's been written , some-where,in the good book.
We're gonna be reaping, from the seeds we sow.
maybe we can start planting,-- with love and forgiveness,
then we might wake up to see some of our goodness grow.
Now I'm not saying, that I've been an angel,
and I'm not claiming to be - of the ritchous kind.
but all I am asking ---is a light from this darkness
doesn't anybody see what's ahead,
or has the world gone blind

because there's too many dying---
before thay can start living,
and there's too many taking
and never wanna be giving.
there's so many wrongs in this world today,
if we don't change we're all gonna pay.
what's the answer for this world today ,
doesn't anybody know.
short turnaround to modulate up
some say-,we can't change this world ,
we're only in it for the ride,
maybe now it's not to late ,
don't you think it's time we tried
take a good look for yourself if you think i am ly--ing.
we can't keep on living this a-way , when there's too many dy-ing.

so if we want a better world today
maybe it's time we changed our way,
and we can help stop the dying,
if we only start trying.

because there's too many taking when they could be giving.
and there's too many dying when they should be liv-ing
so meny wrongs in this world today.
if we don't change, we're gonna pay. if we want to stop the dying
now's the time to start trying

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