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Yayo (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Cause they still talkin' yayo
And bout bricks, lil niggas ain't dreamin' out
A-yayo, I ain't talkin' yayo
But I'm highly fade, but I think like Pac
Did this with Plato
At my angle, platinum will be my single
Back up and keep it just rap
Prrrap-dap, let that thing go

Sat with di lame niggas, with no game, nigga
They not dope
All this shit about whips, nigga
And no chain, nigga, the Django
Please say it ain't so
Teeth where it might go
Speak to them about the time and all
But neva mind, the lesson's all gold
Hmm, wait...yayo
What y'all know about yayo?
What y'all know about collect calls
From your best dog from a pay phone
Like brrr, hello? He said jo my cell cold
And that's when things finna heat up
When he heard the c-ma can't keep her legs closed
Wait, that yayo
Still sayn what a sucka been afraid to
I ain't sayn I'm a nigga with a halo
But another game nigga bangin' with a pencil
All ye nigga came from the trap now, huh?
All ye nigga carryin' a mac now, huh?
From around this side, when I let two out
Why'd you go look for a diver, get a pack down, huh
Coulda been a nigga with a cap yung good
Flap good grades, niggas have good luck
Stop playn ball nigga like owed sumth
In the rat, gat-ga, rat turnt up
In the rap crack to win the nine know hood
Linked apartment, niggas have that load
If it's Moco where them stones go
And I was closed up until I had that luck
Hmm, manic yayo, where can I find some you know?
Cause mama don't got no pessos on my class
Her son got new phones
And new J's, and Air-Mikes
I'm in the same thing, I'mma wear that
Till the coke rots and yo clothes rot
Shoulda get a lot, niggas weared out


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