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You Know I'm Nasty Lyrics

from The Greenlight

"You Know I'm Nasty" is track #15 on the album The Greenlight.
"You Know I'm Nasty" is track #15 on the album The Greenlight.

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You now rollin' with Bow Weezy, baby
But tonight, you call me Shad Moss
She know I do it for the ladies
I got her body tremblin'
when I'm lickin' it
Love it when I'm stickin' it
She like to do it with the lights off
Don't I get you wet while I'm kissin' ya neck?
No time for games
Go 'head girl,
Take ya clothes off
Beat it from the back while I'm gippin' ya waist
Pullin on ya hair, tell me girl
How you like it?
And when i put it in ya mouth swallow it whole
You like cake, right?
Well, taste my icing
We could fuck in the beach
So every body could see
If that's the kind of freaky shit that you into
And this track so sexy
You got me feelin' horny
I could fuck you to this instrumental
I got you wet, don't I?
And she don't mind me with other chicks
Long as I give her the dick
And I'm the dog
I'm Bow Wow so we do it doggy style
That always make her come quick
And my girl ain't colder
And she a lil' bit older
Get fed like a pornstar
and she make my thang salute like a soldier
Give it to me now
Damn, girl, you the best at it
You got me feenin, like a crack addict
She nut after I bust
She can't get enough
She roll a blunt and then we get right back
N'am talkin' bout?
Real thick
Lil' bitty waist
Open up wide, how good it taste
Ooh, girl, you so nasty
She want me to (Uh) all over her face like
See, see you know I'm nasty
She know I'm nasty
She know I'm nasty
She know I'm nasty
N'am talkin' bout?
Yeah, and you know why
An you know why
And you know why
Now do it for the ladies, baby
Bow Weezy
That's right
Aye, man, I ain't even gon' talk no mo' shit to her, man, you know
Thay want mo', man I'll give it to 'em another time, N'am sayin
She always gotta come back fo' mo, man
I'll spit the rest of the game to you later, baby
(Live from the muh' fuckin' Ustream)
That's all you get for right now, though
N'am talkin' bout?
(Aye, this my favorite part, right here. though, watch this)
(Watch this, though)
How 'bout a lil' foreplay
Or maybe you could role play
Let me ease yo stress, Ooh
'Cause I can tell you been workin all day
I wanna eat you like a buffet
Baby, you can have it your way
Whip and chains, handcuffs
I know you like it rough
And I ain't talkin 'bout the car, baby girl
When I say i got a Magnum
Bad chick I'm baggin' 'em
Bedroom time I'm smashin' 'em
And I might be short, but you know what they say
Big things, baby, come in small packages
Turn around, let me smack that, now
Turn around, let me tap that
Baby girl, let me tap that
You know what time it is, holla at me

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