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Your Love Carmen Rasmusen Lyrics

Thought about you in the middle of my crazy day
Had to stop and call and say: I love you (I I love you)
In a middle of a restaurant, a business lunch that I didn't even want
I think of you, even when I'm holding ten directions
Only had to think about your face, now there's little daily complications are suddenly erased

Your love is the best distraction, in my heart you're the main attraction
Your love is like my mama's homemade apple pie
You love is a sleep in Sunday, half price sale on a no work Monday
All good things are rolled into one, I just cant get enough of, Your Love

I thought about you in a middle of a traffic jam
I'm late, its raining and I miss you (I miss you)
Normally I'd be freaking out, now a days I just tune it out and picture you
I tell you baby any time I want her, I can just escaped a daily grind
I repeat your name like (some weird monchuria

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